Letter from the founders

Mar 9, 2023

Welcome to Sora Union.

We built Sora Union on the belief that talent is everywhere, opportunity is not. We’re focused on changing that.

It all started with a walk. More than a park, we were taking in the Crystal Bridges Museum, a complex in Bentonville, Arkansas that fuses nature and art. Imagine walls dripping with greenery, wide windows opening to the tree canopy, and reflecting pools. Looking out across the lush Ozark forest’s natural springs and streams, it was a picture perfect example of human habitability.

Our discussion kept coming back to two unrelated themes: what might come next for distributed work, and how will the world deal with the looming crisis of climate change. How would the momentum and appetite for remote work, kickstarted during the pandemic, continue to grow? What will happen to the refugees and displaced people who are on the frontlines of the climate emergency and whose numbers were already growing? The two themes were unrelated no more as they came together in a key question - could the superpowers of distributed work be used for the people who needed them most?

Could we build a company to support and empower those who most need stable jobs with location flexibility?

Could we provide fulfilling work to talented people who have been displaced, or those at-risk of displacement, due to climate change or conflict?

Could these people provide companies with the global teammates and diverse expertise necessary to make informed decisions and deliver compelling work?

We left inspired, driven by a sense of mission and urgency, to bring together a team with powerful operational and lived experience. We move fast at Sora Union, and in a few short months, we’ve assembled strong design and localization teams and started delivering on projects for companies across continents.

The challenges that lie ahead are significant but with every team member we bring on, we see the exponential effects of opportunity and diversity.

While we're at the beginning of our journey – with your support – it's one that will endure. Together, through delivering world class professional services, we share our commitment to becoming a stable, human-centered force in successfully moving a billion people.

Because opportunity should meet talent, wherever in the world it may be.

Sora Union founders - Nate, Charlie and Sophia

Co-Founders of Sora Union:

Nate Dalton -- Chief Executive Officer

Charlie Liu (刘畅) -- Chief Operating Officer

Sophia Wajnert -- Chief People Officer

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