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Resilient people do amazing work

Your projects powered by our globally distributed teams.

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What we do

Excellent cross functional services

We assemble a team of world-class talent with global sensibility to dynamically adapt to your project needs.

Resilient people do amazing work

Our teammates are displaced or at risk by war or climate change. We transform adversity into amazing work.

Your anti-fragile project partner

Our globally distributed team provides end-to-end project management, ensuring success in an unpredictable world.

What we do

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Sora Union® is a globally distributed extension of your team, for companies that want to work with world-class global talent without making full-time commitments. With Sora Union®, you can quickly build a dynamic, on-demand team to execute faster than internal teams and at a much more reasonable price.

Design services

We work to turn your brand into powerful tools to engage the audiences that matter most to you.

Our diverse creative team builds stunning visual brands and websites, captivating app and product designs, and marketing with truly global sensibility.

Localization services

Our localization service goes beyond translation and helps you - startups and enterprises - take your brands and products global.

Our resilient teammates bring their amazing diversity and professionalism from content and document translation to web and software localization.

QA Engineering

We create, manage, and run automated and manual testing and reporting to ensure the quality of your products.

Our teammates are the global partners of your software developers and product managers to test applications at different stages of development.


We excel in delivering cutting-edge solutions across web, mobile, and software applications, driving a seamless digital experience that resonates with end-users.

Solutions offered

We source and place top talent for you
with maximum flexibility, efficiency, and profitability.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, AI tools, and industry trends, our team crafts a recruitment strategy tailored to your business needs.

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Dive into our service offerings and uncover the solutions that can transform your business. Your journey to success starts here.

What we do

How we work


Dedicated Team

All projects start with a team lead and selected teammates based on the complexity and skills and level of specialization required.


Customer Success

Each project has a teammate responsible for Customer Success, providing you with a seamless project management experience.


Flexible Engagement

We plan for change. Be it staff augmentation, time & materials, or fixed scope projects, our team can customize to your needs.

Our work

Design | Future of work | Early Stage

How we crafted the Sora brand

Develop a name and brand identity for a company offering a variety of services executed by globally distributed knowledge workers, many displaced or at risk of displacement by climate change or conflicts.

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Localization | Video communications | Growth Stage

How we localized mmhmm into Ukrainian

Our distributed and displaced teammates localized mmhmm, a super creative software product. Our resilient and talented teammates did amazing work at high quality and fast speed.

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How we crafted the MeydenVest Brand

The challenge was to craft an identity that captures the essence of MeydenVest - People focused, Partnership and impact focused. Sora Union collaborated closely with Michelle, in craftin...

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Trusted Partners

Creating successful partnerships through strong collaboration.


Our work

What others are saying

They helped me develop my brand and logo for MeydenVest and then quickly did amazing work on the web content, design, color scheme, and layout. I’m a very happy client. They did great work. I’m smiling from ear to ear.

Michelle Seitz

Founder & CEO, MeydenVest Partners

We initially hired Sora Union to localize one language because of their amazing mission, but we quickly transitioned all of our localization work to them because of their experise, quality, and speed.

Brian Pepin

Founder & CEO, Rune Labs

Attracted by Sora Union’s mission, we started a comprehensive localization project that will support many of our domestic and global stakeholders. Sora Union builds efficient and effective processes to drive work forward and is wonderful to work with.

Carrie Patterson

Executive Director, The Goldie Hawn Foundation: MindUP

Sora Union provides high-quality translation, review, and QA services for our rapidly-growing software product. Their turnaround time is at least twice as fast as other vendors.

Brian Paul

VP of Engineering, mmhmm

Sora Union’s team was excellent - they took the time to truly understand our company and our mission, and have captured this in some incredible designs.

Aaron Lin

COO & Co-Founder, Mindstep

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Letter from the founders

We built Sora Union on the belief that talent is everywhere, opportunity is not. We’re focused on changing that.

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More about us

People of Sora Union

Our team members span continents, facing vastly different challenges. Sora Union provides stability in the face of uncertainty due to conflict and climate change.

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Bringing the superpowers of distributed work to people who have been displaced or are at risk of displacement. With an ambitious team, we're building a more connected and fluid future of work.


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