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Working with Sora Union

Our teammates come from different parts of the world, but each of us at Sora Union shares our community driven approach to work. The foundation of our approach is a fully distributed operating model designed for mobility, a collaborative and supportive environment, and fair remuneration with opportunities for growth.


We have a partnership philosophy. We are all responsible for the success of Sora Union, and together we are responsible for the work we deliver to our clients. We do not have any requirements for where our teammates should do their work, or rigid work schedules or vacation limitations. On the other hand, we hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence and we share responsibility for our work.


Empathy is one of our core values. While it’s broadly applicable, it is especially important at Sora Union where most of our teammates face unique challenges in being displaced or at-risk of displacement. We look out for and support our teammates and we recognize that from time to time that places additional work on the rest of us and we are grateful for our ability to help.


Sora Union provides stability. In addition to the mobility of the role, fair remuneration is set at a global scale for each role which is designed based on the value of the work, not the going rate in a certain place. That remuneration is therefore unchanged if a teammate has to, or chooses to, move.

Teammate Experience

We are committed to supporting the teammate experience and professional development of our teammates, so that they can advance in their chosen careers and increase their potential. While this suite of services will grow over time, an early example is offering our teammates language upskilling.

People of Sora union

I've never met a company that is so interested in the development of its teammates.



In this company, I immediately felt that I matter, as a person. This is important for me now, when there is a war in my country.