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We built Sora Union on the belief that talent is everywhere, opportunity is not.
We’re focused on changing that.

It all started with a walk. More than a park, we were taking in the Crystal Bridges Museum, a complex in Bentonville, Arkansas that fuses nature and art. Imagine walls dripping with greenery, wide windows opening to the tree canopy, and reflecting pools. Looking out across the lush Ozark forest’s natural springs and streams, it was a picture perfect example of human habitability.

Our discussions centered on two themes: the future of distributed work and the world's response to climate change. We considered the lasting impact of post-pandemic remote work and the challenges faced by those affected by climate emergencies, including refugees. These seemingly unrelated topics came together in a key question - could the superpowers of distributed work be leveraged for the benefit of those who need them most?

Could we build a company to support and empower those who most need stable jobs with location flexibility?

Could we provide fulfilling work to talented people who have been displaced, or those at-risk of displacement, due to climate change or conflict?

Could these people provide companies with the global teammates and diverse expertise necessary to make informed decisions and deliver compelling work?

We left inspired, driven by a sense of mission and urgency, to bring together a team with powerful operational and lived experience. We move fast at Sora Union, and in a few short months, we’ve assembled strong design and localization teams and started delivering on projects for companies across continents.
The challenges that lie ahead are significant but with every team member we bring on, we see the exponential effects of opportunity and diversity.

Aligned with global challenges, our commitment provides a unique solution to the growing displacement crisis and talent shortage. In order to better support the evolving demands of the industry, we’ve added staffing to our growing areas of localization, design, QA and engineering. This positions us to exceed market expectations for flexibility, innovation, and expertise.

As we embark on this transformative journey—with your support—it's not just a start; it's a lasting journey. Together, through world-class professional services, we commit to becoming a stable, human-centered force, facilitating the successful movement of a billion people.

Because opportunity should meet talent, wherever in the world it may be.


Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer


Co-Founder and Chief People Officer

Growing crisis of displacement

As of the end of 2023, it is estimated that 114 million people have been displaced, up from 108.5 million at the end of 2022. This suggests that more than 1 in every 73 people worldwide is displaced, a significant increase that is expected to be more than double the number from a decade earlier.

Future displacement due to climate change

The workforce landscape is shifting due to climate change, with a notable increase in the global talent shortage from 35 percent in 2013 to a striking 77 percent in 2023. This rise underscores the need for innovative strategies to address climate-related impacts on talent availability. Concurrently, challenges in finding, hiring, and retaining workers intensify, highlighting the complex interplay between climate change and human resources. These trends stress the importance of strategic planning for talent acquisition and retention amid evolving environmental challenges.

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