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Localization by resilient, global citizens.

Languages offered

We have specialty and expertise in many languages including Arabic, Finnish, French, German, Polish, Slovak and Ukrainian. Contact us with your specific needs and you will work with our professional teammates around the world.

Localization services

Our localization service goes beyond translation and helps you - startups and enterprises - take your brands and products global.

Our resilient teammates bring their amazing diversity and professionalism from content and document translation to web and software localization.

Why Sora

Sora believes that people have value no matter their location. Many of our professionals are displaced from their origins by larger forces. And they’re stronger for it.

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Pricing and Structure

Your project gets a dedicated manager who leads a team of professional translators with various industry backgrounds. Every translation is reviewed with quality control processes.

We typically charge by the word at a fixed rate based on language and level of technical specialization required. We also offer translation memory-based discounts, which benefit high-volume recurring works.

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QA engineering

We create, manage, and run automated and manual tests and reporting to ensure the best user experience of your products.

Our teammates are the global partners of your software developers and product managers to test applications at different stages of development.