Exploring Carrot’s Creative and Linguistic Transformation

Carrot, a global group committed to providing fertility care for everyone, partnered with Sora Union to overhaul its branding, marketing collateral, and localization efforts. With a mission to break barriers in access to fertility care regardless of demographics, Carrot sought a comprehensive transformation to reflect its inclusive mission and global reach.




Branding, Marketing Collaterals & Localization



Design and Localization: Crafting a Cohesive Experience

Sora Union undertook a comprehensive design and localization process, ensuring Carrot’s brand resonated across diverse cultural and linguistic contexts. From defining brand elements like colors, typography, and icon systems to developing guidelines for social media templates and data visualization, every detail was carefully crafted. Localization efforts extended across multiple languages, including German, French, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, Hindi, Japanese, and Spanish, enhancing Carrot’s accessibility and global impact.

The Challenge

The Brand Identity

Marketing Collaterals

Social Media


The Result

By seamlessly executing Carrot’s brand guidelines and delivering over 18 social campaigns and various marketing collaterals, Sora Union played a crucial role in enhancing Carrot’s online presence. We provided translation services and contributed to

redesign efforts, ensuring consistency and quality throughout the project. This effort resulted in a cohesive and impactful brand identity, reinforcing Carrot’s commitment to accessible fertility care
for all.

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