How We Transformed Daybreak Partners: Enhancing Brand Identity and Digital Presence

Daybreak Partners, dedicated to transforming entrepreneurial visions into successful ventures, partnered with Sora Union to elevate its brand identity and digital presence in the healthcare and tech investment sector. Our collaborative mission, including a website and logo redesign, aimed to align with industry trends, ensuring a clean, accessible design and delivering an informative and engaging user experience.


Daybreak Partners


Rebranding, Web Redesign and Development.




Logo Reinvention: Shaping Daybreak's New Identity

In collaboration with Daybreak Partners, our design team undertook the task of reshaping their visual identity through a logo redesign. The goal was to create a logo embodying stability, growth, and a strong connection to the investment sector—reflecting Daybreak Partners' core values.




Testing various design concepts, we explored shapes, glyphs, and fonts to strike the right balance of elegance, legibility, and uniqueness. Thin lines and lightweight typefaces emerged as distinctive features, ensuring Daybreak Partners' visual distinctiveness.


Winning Concept

The final logo combines a dependable rectangular shape with a sunrise-inspired symbol, evoking a sense of hope and growth. Purposeful 'blue' and 'beige' hues convey trust and sophistication. The modern sans-serif typeface ensures Daybreak's consistent identity across platforms, strategically enhancing its visual identity.

The new logo

The Brand Identity

Daybreak / Website

Website Redesign: Elevating Daybreak's Digital Experience

Our work on Daybreak Partners' website prioritized modern professionalism, typography, and readability. The design features a clean color palette, industry-relevant images, and a layout crafted for easy navigation. Prominent typography engages users, and a responsive design ensures a seamless experience on all devices. This user-friendly platform caters to healthcare and tech companies seeking investment opportunities.

The Web Design

The Result

In summarizing our collaboration with Daybreak Partners, our contributions have led to significant improvements. The updated website now showcases a complete track record, an informative homepage, and compelling imagery, positioning Daybreak Partners prominently in the healthcare and tech investment landscape.

Simultaneously, our redesigned logo effectively communicates stability, growth, and a robust connection to the investment sector—aligning seamlessly with Daybreak's values. This comprehensive approach, spanning digital and visual enhancements, marks a successful milestone in our partnership.

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