How we visualized HTWB's
TacMed Chatbot: Stop the Bleeding

Health Tech Without Borders (HTWB), a global non-profit dedicated to emergency medical support, collaborated with Sora Union to enhance the Tactical Medical (TacMed) Chatbot. Focused on supporting frontline responders in Ukraine, the request centered around strengthening the STOP THE BLEEDING module, specifically targeting the application of a tourniquet for civilians.


Health Tech Without Borders (HTWB)


Illustrations / Design - Enhance the Tactical Medical (TacMed) Chatbot




Creating unique, step-by-step instructional images

Seeking our design expertise, HTWB aimed to elevate the chatbot's impact by creating unique, step-by-step instructional images for this crucial procedure, ensuring both visual distinctiveness and alignment with the TacMed Chatbot's references.

The Illustrations

The Result

Sora Union played a pivotal role in creating clear, step-by-step illustrations for the 'Stop the Bleed' module in the TacMed Chatbot. These enhancements seamlessly blend into the chatbot's interface, making it more user-friendly for individuals seeking immediate assistance. Simultaneously, our design ensures that these improvements assist a diverse range of frontline responders in Ukraine, encompassing combat medics, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, nurses, and medical students.

This guarantees a quick application of critical medical skills in high-stress situations, guided by the visually impactful and easy-to-follow design.
This solution showcases our commitment to better preparedness for frontline responders alike, aligning with HTWB's mission to improve healthcare outcomes in crisis regions. The TacMed chatbot, available for free in English and Ukrainian exclusively for users in Ukraine, equips individuals and professionals with essential skills for managing bleeding emergencies.

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