The Sora Union website design has won a Silver Anthem Award in the category:

  • Humanitarian Action & Service

  • Special Projects

  • Product, Innovation, or Service Categories (For Profit)

We’re honored that Sora Union's brand and site design have been selected as a Silver Anthem Award winner. The Anthem Awards celebrate purpose & mission-driven work from people, companies and organizations worldwide.

Alongside All Turtles we set out to create a brand that would inspire, uplift, and empower those displaced, or at risk of displacement due to conflict or climate change; attracting talented professionals to become team members, and companies to work with talented professionals.

This recognition is a testament to the amazing team we’ve built. Less than one year ago Sora Union was a budding idea and today there are 35 teammates spanning 20 countries.

At Sora Union, we know that resilient people do amazing work. Check out what our team could do for you.


Ukraine Free Press


Translation and Transcreation
Designing the cover artwork




Sora Union fast-tracked its launch during Russia's invasion, and today there are 23 members from across the world. The team members are doing impactful work, while being compensated fairly.

Sora team-members both manage Sora projects independently, or work integrated in All Turtles design teams.

Anthem Award Recognition

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