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MindUp is a social and emotional learning program intended to promote cognitive control, self-regulation, well-being, and prosocial behaviors in fourth to seventh grade students via a series of lessons in which “mindful attention” is taught and practiced in a classroom setting. They required their materials to be localized into a number of languages including Chinese, Korean, Bengali, Haitian Creole, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Urdu and French.


MindUP™ / The Goldie Hawn Foundation


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How we localized MindUp into 9 languages

Attracted by our mission, MindUP initially came to Sora Union to translate its training and learning materials into these languages for a program with the New York City Department of Education.

The teams at MindUP and Sora Union collaborated closely and, utilizing our agile global cross-functional workflow, we began to provide integrated services of localization and design managed by Sora Union. This increased the quality of the output while improving not only speed but also affordability.

The Challenge

The Result

In order to provide the highest quality translation and ensure a professional level of effectiveness, we enlisted experienced translators who specialize in localizing educational programs. This process has helped to quell any concerns of inconsistency.

Additionally, to accelerate the translation process, we established a glossary containing a variety of terms related to social emotional learning, guaranteeing uniform word selections

The outcomes were amazing and ensured the client was satisfied.

This was achieved utilising Transifex to translate using an initial parse and further contextualising the translated document by translators skilled at those specific languages.

Our team utilizes a modern translation management system, which can perfectly parse the technically-formated files and match the English versions of each learning material. To further, ensure top quality, we setup a further QA process to guarantee that the translated files are consistent .

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