How we translated out-of-date language version of the “The Ghost Pirates” book into Ukrainian

The Ukraine Free Press mission is to provide education and entertainment to Ukrainians during wartime by publishing previously untranslated books as eBooks and distributing them for free. The Ghost Pirates is a horror novel first published in 1909 by the British writer William Hope Hodgson, and it describes the final voyage of the Mortzestus, inspired by Hodgson's many years at sea.

At Sora Union, we believe in using our skills and expertise to make a positive impact in the world. This challenge exemplifies our commitment to that belief, and we are proud to have been part of this mission-aligned project, providing translation and transcreation for the book, and designing the cover artwork for the Ukraine Free Press release.


Ukraine Free Press


Translation and Transcreation
Designing the cover artwork




Designing the cover artwork for the the Ukraine Free Press release

The book cover art, meticulously crafted with the aid of AI design using the advanced Midjourney tool, empowered our designers to bring their imagination to life like never before. Through a seamless collaboration between human creativity and machine intelligence, the resulting artwork captures the essence of the story and entices potential readers instantaneously.

The Result

Relying on our team of refugee translators, displaced from their homes in Ukraine, we have successfully transcreated the Ukrainian version of this book.

But, what is transcreation? It is the process of adapting content from one language to another while maintaining the existing tone, intent and style.

Archaic words certainly have their place in modern work as they have a special shade of meaning and nuances, have a special taste of context, mood.

When translating the novel, we faced the fact that the text contained many outdated phrases and words. We managed to find explanations of such expressions in dictionaries and other translations and adapt them to the Ukrainian reader.

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